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About Us



EGYTRAV was founded in the year 1984 based in Cairo, it has achieved more than a Travel Agency leader status within EGYPT, proving to be a highly innovative & flexible market leaders, which has never lost its personal touch and approach. The ability to adapt to changing trends is at the very heart of the EGYTRAV ideology that seems certain to drive the company to even greater success.
EGYTRAV with its central location at the Tahrir Square, and having our branches in Alexandria, Luxor and Dubai, our annual Turnover exceeded 100 million Egyptian Pounds, as we are ranked among the top five Travel Management Companies in Egypt.
EGYTRAV have worked carefully to select the right, highly trained personnel to properly manage your business. We have established a continuous training program for all our Skilled Staff. We aim at continuously enhancing the existing expertise and expose our staff members to new tools, facilities and automated processes. Our current headcount has exceeded 100 employees.
EGYTRAV have invested heavily in order to furnish our servicing platforms with state of the art software that would enhance all our processes to deliver best service to our clients, produce sophisticated Management Information Reports, automate the communication processes. The system is being currently implemented where a Quality Control facility is controlling each and every transaction in relation to our corporate client’s requirements.
EGYTRAV acts as an exclusive wholesaler for over 110,000 Hotel worldwide, giving our clients the privilege of choosing the best and most affordable accommodation for leisure and business trips around the globe.
EGYTRAV embraces a business philosophy emphasizing the importance of Excellency, Integrity and Team Work. Staff members are passionate advocates to service our wide range database of clientele, while at the same time seeking creative ways to make international connections that contribute significantly to the quality of service that we provide.